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Support from the Diocese of Blackburn in the UK

The Mosamaria Trust in the Diocese of Blackburn transferred over R 124,000 to our Mosamaria bank account at the beginning of September. The trustees work very hard throughout the year to collect money for Mosamaria so that we can feed our orphans and vulnerable children. The cost of food is exorbitant nowadays and even giving each child a peanut butter sandwich, a cup of juice and a piece of fruit every day amounts to a large sum of money when one has about 140 children as members of the support group.

The Mosamaria Trust in Blackburn has been a life-line to Mosamaria and we have benefitted greatly from their kindness and generosity over many years.

“Jill Burrow, the secretary of the Blackburn Mosamaria Trust, who has worked so hard to support Mosamaria for many, many years.”