We were blessed with visitors from our link Diocese of Blackburn in 2022. Father John Hall made a private visit as he was retiring from the Blackburn Link Committee, but would still serve on the Blackburn Mosamaria Trust. Mosamaria is greatly indebted to Father John for the amazing support he has given Mosamaria over 20 years. Mosamaria would be unknown in Blackburn had it not been for him speaking out about it, and gathering a team of dedicated members for the Blackburn Mosamaria Trust.

Father Sam Cheeseman, the Blackburn Bishop’s Chaplain also visited and spent time with Mosamaria assessing the work that is being done. He was the prime mover in getting Bishop Julian to agree to the 2021 Harvest Thanksgiving to be donated to Mosamaria. We received R194,236.00 from this appeal, for which we are most grateful. Bishop Julian has retired and a new bishop will be elected by the end of December 2022. Father Sam Cheeseman will remain the Bishop’s Chaplain and will be the new chairman of the Mosamaria Trust in Blackburn. He is very supportive and hopes to support Mosamaria for many years to come.

John Eastman, the previous chairperson of the Mosamaria Trust in Blackburn has raised vast sums of money by completing long walks which are sponsored by funders. Father Michael Angus’ so blessed us by asking that the wreath’s money at his late father’s funeral, be donated to Mosamaria. Father Michael Angus’ visited Mosamaria a few years ago and remained a dedicated supporter.
Jill Burrow must be thanked for her dedicated work over many years, for Mosamaria.

Jill has overseen all the administrative work, managed the finances and all the money donated to Mosamaria, and given talks to many different parishes over the years, to inspire parishioners to support Mosamaria.