Mosamaria was started in 2003 as part of the response to the call by Archbishop Njongonkulu Ndungane of the Anglican Province of Southern Africa, for the Anglican Church to respond in some meaningful way to the Pandemic of HIV/AIDS which was and still is devastating Sub-Saharan Africa.

Mosamaria is a registered NPO 070-155, and Public Benefit Organisation and a Faith Based Organisation, exempt from paying all taxes. It has Section 18(a) tax exemption. It operates under its own Management Board with Dr.Ellen Blekie as the Chairperson.

Mosamaria strives to work together with all people of all religious denominations to curb the spread of HIV and TB through correct knowledge and the ability to make important life decisions, and to support all people regardless of race, creed or colour.

Mosamaria Vision Statement

Mosamaria AIDS Ministry envisions all people in the Free State showing God’s love in practical and effective ways to all those whose lives have been affected by HIV/AIDS and TB and to all who have been infected with HIV and TB.

Mosamaria Mission Statement

To work tirelessly and with complete dedication to:

  • Eliminate stigma, empower through knowledge, and decrease the spread of HIV and TB through information, education and compassionate communication.
  • Provide a network of care and support to as many people living with HIV and TB as possible.
  • Provide a highly professional mobile and home-based HIV Confidential Counselling and testing service and HIV Self-Screening.
  • Promote Homestead Trench Vegetable gardens to improve nutrition.
  • Provide support to Orphans and Vulnerable children and their families.
  • Work together with other organizations and churches with the same vision as Mosamaria.
  • Advocate for better services for People living with HIV and TB.
Mosamaria Logo

The sun represents the warmth and care given to those in need by Mosamaria.

The flower represents growth and progress in healthy living with HIV/AIDS.

The Red Ribbon, a well known symbol for HIV/AIDS, wraps around the images and name to unite the elements into one logo.