Social And Behavioural Change Programme

Report 2022

This programme was funded by the Department of Social Development (DSD), and Mosamaria was contracted to achieve certain goals in the number of people reached by each different module. Unfortunately, the sum of money from DSD fell far short of the actual cost of implementing the programme.

In spite of Mosamaria bringing this to the attention of DSD on numerous occasions, and pointing out that there was no provision whatsoever for management and overhead expenses, DSD did not even bother to reply to our written requests. So, Mosamaria subsidised DSD to implement their programme!

The previous programme for the year ending March 2022, ended and Mosamaria had to wait to sign a new contract. The contract was eventually signed in June, and the first tranche paid. This meant that our staff were sitting unemployed for three months. When the contract was signed, a whole year’s work had to be done in 9 months.

1 . YOLO (You Only Live Once) Course

A Program aimed at the reduction of HIV Infections, and teenage and unplanned pregnancies, aimed at reaching 160 teenagers.

2. FMP (Families Matter Program) Course

Families Matter program is a family-directed program that improves and guides parents on how to talk to their children about challenging topics or topics regarded as taboo across different cultures. The slogan is “If you are not talking to your child, who then is doing the talking”. The program aimed at reaching 600 families.

3. BCC (Boys Championing Change) Course

4. MCC (Men Championing Change) Course

The two programs aim at reducing Gender Based Violence and family-related matters that are seen as contributing forces to the destabilization of families’ well-being. The BCC was developed as an outcome of a session that showed that kids learn from their fathers to treat Women badly and that Kids are growing up in an unstable emotional environment resulting in them growing up angry and with emotional imbalances. Thus the program is aimed amongst others to address those areas in a boy child, for BCC our target was 760. For MCC Mosamaria targeted 760 men.

5. Ke Moja Course

Is a program designed to challenge and strengthen Youth abilities to make decisions and stand by them, to learn to say No, and to learn to be confident about their choices. The program addresses peer pressure and drug and alcohol abuse sensitization. The target was hosting two-holiday camps of 50 participants each.

This program also incorporated our OVC after-school homework and reading groups.

The staff have done very good work and will achieve all the targets by the end of March 2023.