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Visitors from Blackburn UK

Mosamaria was honoured to have a team of young adults visit us between 1-12 July. A charming, lively group of committed Christians who had spent 18 months saving money and preparing for this visit.

The photos show just how involved they were with all the different projects of Mosamaria, especially the OVCs in Mangaung. They visited Mme Zwane to see how she runs her bakery business, they helped prepare trench beds for vegetables and plant seeds, they helped build a shack or mkhukhu for one of our very financially challenged families.

Tshepo Pita, one of our senior adherence club facilitators, gave them a talk on the challenges of living with HIV and how ART works, and why it is important to adhere strictly to treatment. They had many questions and were very interested. Two young ladies presented us with R5,000 in brand new R200 notes which they had collected for us by doing odd jobs in Blackburn.

The group was led by Kat Whitham and Sam Cheeseman who had visited us last year to prepare for the trip.

“We were especially delighted to be able to meet up with Bishop Geoff Pearson again, who also accompanied the group. He is one of the most compassionate and empathetic church leaders it has ever been my pleasure to meet. He and his dear wife Jean, who donates all the income from her speaking engagements to Mosamaria, and very special supporters of Mosamaria and were extremely kind, generous and hospitable to Bruce and to me when we visited Blackburn Diocese.”

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