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TB South Africa Project

Mosamaria is delighted to have signed a contract with URC (University Research Company) to provide treatment and support to 100 Drug-resistant (DRTB) and 400 Drug-susceptible (DSTB) TB in the Mangaung Metro for a year starting in September 2019.

We have appointed a project manager, Mme Florina Tlali who is assisted by 62 CHWs (Community Health Workers), 8 CHW Team Leaders, and Sandra Botsime doing M&E, Thabisa Kotsi a social worker, and Keneilwe Matima as a nurse.

On the 2nd of September the whole team got together for basic TB management training and orientation. The team leaders had been recruiting patients from the 8 clinics that refer to us, the previous month, so we were able to DOT (directly observed treatment) 418 DS patients and 29 DRTB patients in the first month. The number of TB cases being referred to us is growing rapidly, and we are also very busy following up on treatment defaulters from these clinics.

We all know that TB is a disease of poverty but what has distressed our team has been the total lack of food in patients’ homes. One cannot expect a TB patient to recover without any food to eat. SASSA is unable to supply us with food parcels. Thanks to one of our supporters who is a farmer, we have been able to give these really hungry patients some maize meal, but they need some protein to eat with it. We are encouraging them to plant vegetable seed but this will take a few weeks before they can eat fresh vegetables.

We have found that if patients are given a disability grant for the duration of their treatment, they do not take their medication so that they can continue to be sick and continue to receive the grant.