Project News

OVC start mini cricket in 2016

The Free State Cricket Union is going to organise that KFC Mini-Cricket donate equipment and coaching to our OVC project. We hope to see the teams competing in local mini cricket matches very soon.

The children are so excited that they are practicing to catch and throw the ball already.

What is KFC Mini-Cricket?

KFC Mini–Cricket allows children between the ages of 6 to 12, an equal opportunity to get outside and get active. KFC Mini–Cricket is getting kids active around South Africa with 100 000 children playing in the programme while learning the disciplines of cricket.

Children not only have fun practicing their batting and bowling skills but also develop self–confidence and get the physical exercise they need, all while having fun with their new–found friends on the pitch.


KFC Mini–Cricket began in 1983 in South Africa to give boys and girls their first taste of cricket, igniting a passion for one of South Africa’s most loved games. KFC Mini–Cricket consists of 8 players per team who rotate between battling, bowling and fielding.

for more information about KFC Mini Cricket visit thier website