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OVC Mangaung April Report

Mama Mimi’s Ovens: We were able to deliver ovens to our customers and they are very happy to start using the ovens. In order to motivate our other bakers we showed them photos and gave thema  report on how the successful bakeries were going. We have organized professional training for all our bakers. They will visit Bidvest Bakery where they will be trained and given more recipes for bread and they will also show them which premix to use when they are baking for the best results. The training will be  held on the 11 May 2016.

Trench Bed Gardens: Our gardeners are losing hope because of the drought, but those who installed tunnels are able to prevent extreme water loss and are very happy because they are selling their vegetables to retailers and to their neighbors for an extra income. The drought is extremely heartbreaking for all our gardeners and it would be a God-send to receive JoJo tanks so that they can at least build up a reserve of water for their gardens.

ovc-mangaung-gardens1 ovc-mangaung-gardens2

VSL groups: Kebitsamang and Malefu have trained our youth groups and they have started to save. They have elected a committee and they are learning very fast. The other groups are doing very well and they are happy about the saving they have achieved.

ovc-mangaung-vsl-group2 ovc-mangaung-vsl-group1

OVC Support Groups: Our OVC children were very happy to learn how to create a family tree and they are going to put it in their memory boxes. We review our family trees every year to see whether the family structure are still the same and to see if the children understand the changes and if they need counselling etc.

We handed out donations of Maltebela and Weetbix for the children to take home which they were very happy about as it has been quite a while since we have been able to send them home with donations. We would like to thank Ronnie Martin at Supply Chain Services for the donations.

We are currently monitoring our OVC children’s school reports and helping the children with the skills that they need to develop.

ovc-mangaung-ovc-groups2 ovc-mangaung-ovc-groups3