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HIV Self-screening Programme

Our self-screening kit distributors were very fortunate to receive training from the FSDoH Regional Training Centre in Provider Initiated Counselling and Testing for HIV. Mme Rosey Yaso and Mme Lolo were excellent facilitators and the group learned every aspect about counselling and testing and the actual finger pricking rapid results testing, on a very scientific level.

This means that if someone takes a self-screening kit and uses it privately at their home and it shows that they are HIV+, then they phone us and one of our distributors meets them at their home to confirm the result with the finger prick test. If the HIV+ result is confirmed, then the client will receive proper counselling to enable him/her to accept their HIV status. Then they are taken to a clinic for immediate initiation on ART (Anti Retro-viral Treatment). We also give ongoing counselling to clients who send us messages asking for support.