General News

Coordinator’s Report for September

Mosamaria was delighted to have a visit from Bishop Julian Henderson and his wife Heather on Wednesday the 28th of September.

They spent the day visiting Freedom Square Clinic where they learned about the new child disclosure programme, Kidz Alive, sat in on Drug-readiness training with Vuyiswa and Mmamantse, and saw our mobile New Start testing which was assisting at the clinic that day. They were very impressed with the excellent facilitation skills and the way in which our ladies were able to make the newly diagnosed HIV clients feel comfortable about their status and starting ART.

Then we had lunch with Kelebogile at St. Patricks and Letshego’s children read aloud from their READ library books for the Bishop and Heather and played games outside for them to see what they do in Support Group meetings.

Lastly we visited the homestead where the Blackburn Diocese Young Adults had done so much work for a destitute family when they were visiting in August. They had doubled the size of their shack, bought them a proper bed and furniture, provided them with food and assisted them to make trench beds for vegetables. The family still has a long way to go to lift themselves out of this poverty and they need a lot of support from our Mosamaria Childcare Workers to break free from the poverty mind-set. However, the mother has stopped drinking alcohol which is a very positive step forwards.

One of the most touching moments of my entire life was when the little girl saw us at her home and came running down the street and jumped into Heather’s arms, saying in Sesotho “ I was asking myself when the White people would come back to help us”! She then jumped on Bishop Julian and on me, wrapping her legs around all of us and just clinging on, as if it were for dear life. There was no food for them in the house to eat that night and the mother had gone out to beg for some from someone in the neighbourhood.

Bishop Julian and Heather were so interested in our work, and so understanding of our challenges and empathetic to the great needs that they could see in our community. They are very keen to assist our OVCs to be able to hold holiday camps where they can learn life skills and how to live as Christians. While they were with us in South Africa, their first granddaughter was born in Brighton, England. Bishop Julian had come to celebrate the 150th birthday of our Cathedral on behalf of the Diocese of Blackburn. We are so grateful to them for spending time with us.

In the same week we heard from Jill Burrows, the treasurer of the Mosamaria Trust in Blackburn, that they had transferred R85,000 to our bank account! We are showered with their blessings in every way.