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AGM Report from the Coordinator

“ Mosamaria held its AGM on Saturday the 20th of May 2017. The Cathedral Hall was full with our 140 staff members. It was a very happy gathering, chaired by Mme Ellen Blekie in a most charming and gracious way. Each of our project managers gave a report on what they had achieved in 2016. In this way we were all able to see how all the different services Mosamaria provides slot together. We were pleased to welcome our two new project members, New Start Lejweleputswa, and TBSAP community based directly observed treatment for drug-sensitive TB. It was the first time that these team members had met everyone else.

Our new financial manager, Mme Nontsi Mohlahlo, went through the 2016 audited financial statements with us, pointing our pertinent matters. Then the new board was elected:

Bishop Dintoe Letloenyane, Father Andile Mbutje, Gerald Roberts, Prof. Christo Heunis, Mme Sondiyazi, Solomzi Henge, Mme Ellen Blekie and Mme Nnini Sethojane. The different office bearers will be appointed at the first board meeting in July.”

~Trudie Harrison~