Project News

Adherence Club Recreational Fun Day

Mosamaria Adherence clubs based at MUCPP held an adherence club recreational fun day on the 05/11/2016, the purpose of the event was to bring all adherence club members in one place so that they can socialise and know each other so that we can reduce the stigma/self-stigma that other members are still experiencing.

We had over 200 members who attended the event and took part in various indigenous games such as Diketo, Kgati, Mokolokotoana, Morabaraba and others.  The event was made possible with the donations of R5.00 that was made by adherence club members and the contribution of R400.00 from the Project Manager (Namathemba Nkabi).

We had asked for sponsorship’s from various companies such as Interstate Bus lines, Pacofs and Sasko but unfortunately they did not give us a positive response.  We also got sponsored with dilutable 10L juice which was highly appreciated.  One of our Adherence Club members donated 12,5kg maize meal.  The total amount that was donated for the event was R2 689.30 which was used to buy the following items:

  1. Food (meat, salad ingredients, etc.)
  2. Eating utensils (paper plates and disposable cups)

The day was an enormous success together with the assistance of Love Life members who came with other games. The Adherence Club Members suggested we have an annual Adherence Club Recreational Fun Day and that money should be contributed on a monthly basis so that we do not depend solely on sponsors.