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News Update from the Coordinator

Mosamaria │ News Update From the Coordinator │ Trudie Harrison

“ Mosamaria is delighted to announce that it is running ART adherence clubs in 21 clinics in  Mangaung, Botshabelo and Thaba Nchu. Nomathemba Nkabi, our Project Coordinator, has hired a whole group of new adherence club facilitators who were all trained last December. The Senior Facilitators are Gift Eti  in Botshabelo and Vuyiswa Tjhaliti in Thaba Nchu, and the Programme Officer for the area is Ntate Thabo Moholobela who started with Mosamaria on 4 January 2017. He has worked in many different NPOs over many years, and has acquired very useful knowledge about networking with the many different stakeholders to make the project a success.”

“ We are very sad to report that the Motlhante family in Caleb Motshabi that was helped so much by our young friends from Blackburn Diocese last year, is still not doing well. They have allowed their vegetables to die, and the children are still not being cared for properly. We considered asking Social Welfare to remove the children, but they love their parents so much, this would be very traumatic for them. It seems that the mother might be suffering from depression, so we will try to get her help. Nothing is impossible if we put our trust in God.”

“ Letshego Rapulana, our OVC Child Care Worker based at St.Patrick’s, has really made a huge impact on the lives of the children who live near our offices. When we first met them, the mother “F” used to be an alcoholic and refused to accept that she was HIV+ and needed treatment and that she had passed on the HIV to her two youngest children because she did not take the treatment for preventing mother to child transmission.

The children were neglected, had no food or clothes as she spent all their grant money on alcohol, and the youngest child spent almost a year in Sunflower House because she was so ill with AIDS related diseases. Many times, Letshego felt that she was making no progress with the mother. But gradually she gained her trust and was able to teach her how to budget so that there was enough food for the children. She also convinced her to start ART, and she got better.

She ensured that the children took their ARVs properly and kept well. “F” was a very intelligent lady and I often wondered what she could have become had she been born in better circumstances. All her children are bright and do well at school. The eldest has qualified as a nursing sister.  “F” passed away unexpectedly in December which made us all very sad as she had become part of the Mosamaria family over many years.

But, Letshego made a huge impact on the children’s lives, and they are coping very well on their own. They keep the house clean, cook for themselves, wash and iron their clothes and are healthy on ART treatment. They attend Letshego’s weekly support group meetings, and know that they can ask her for help at any time and rely on her for comfort and support. May “F”s dear soul rest in peace.”