TBSAP Project


TBSAP awarded Mosamaria AIDS Ministry funding for a Drug Susceptible (DS) – TB program from the 1st February 2017 to 31 January 2018. Mosamaria has been a visible partner in the Mangaung Metro District for HIV and DRTB support as well as in the supported Primary Health Care settings.

Mosamaria’s contribution into management of TB in the community includes patient tracing. Direct observed therapy and family education. This is consistent with the Mangaung Metro district operational plan 2017/2018.

Mosamaria has had long standing and fruitful partnerships with the departments of Health, Social Development, Home Affairs and Education both at District and Provincial levels. Mosamaria also has a relationship of trust with the local Mangaung Metro communities because of the direct services of New Start HCT, ART Adherence Clubs, DRTB programme and OVC programme.

Through TBSAP funding, Mosamaria is supporting seven (7) clinics in (Kagisanong, MUCPP, Freedom Square, Bloemspruit, Mmabana, Thusong and Heidedal CHC) in Bloemfontein. The aim is to increase TB screening, conduct Directly Observed Therapy (DOT), manage contact screening and provide holistic care to people infected and affected by TB, HIV and diabetes; and reduce loss to follow up.

Thirty-Five Community health workers (CHW) have been allocated to 357 households depending on their geographical location. This model encourages continuous relationships between the care giver, the patient and community leaders who are source of support to all TB patients on treatment. Five Care givers are attached to each health facility.

Current Situation

The programme is running very well under the capable leadership of Mme Florina Tlali who is able assisted by Mme Sandra Botsime. The number of patients in our care is increasing all the time because there are so many new b cases at each of these clinics. All the patients are doing very well and we are confident that they will be cured by the end of their treatment period.