ART Adherence Club Project


This project was started in 2009 in conjunction with the Free State HIV and AIDS Coalition and the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC).

HIV Treatment Literacy Practitioners are trained by CMT (Community Media Trust) in all aspects of HIV and TB including:

  • HIV Prevention
  • Science of HIV
  • Anti Retro Viral Therapy
  • Prevention of HIV mother-to-child transmission
  • Prevention and Treatment of TB
  • Rights to Health and Treatment

The Treatment Literacy Practitioners work every day at various Anti Retroviral treatment Sites in the Mangaung Metro where they train over 18,000 people per month, in order to improve treatment adherence and prevent treatment defaulting and drug-resistance.

Mosamaria is running over 350 ART Adherence Clubs with over 14,000 club members, at 21 different primary health care facilities in the Mangaung Metro. Anyone who is stable on ART and has an undetectable viral load count for more than one year, qualifies for membership of these clubs.

These clubs meet at the different clinics early in the morning or during the day or late afternoon, and a member can collect his/her medication and be out of the club within one hour, so that they can go to work. Members do not stand in queues waiting to see the nursing sisters nor at the pharmacy.

Every two months they just go straight to the Club Facilitator in a special meeting place and have a quick health check, a brief discussion on a relative topic about living a healthy life with HIV, take their medications, and leave.
This is a very exciting development and the long queues at the clinics are already getting much shorter. This service has alleviated the overloading of the professional nurses.

Current Situation

Our HIV Treatment Literacy and ART Adherence Club programme has over 14,000 club members now. They meet once every two months as a club, have a quick health screening, a short health talk on a subject pertinent to their lives, they bond and share problems and successes, then get their pre-packed ART medication and leave the clinic within an hour.

This project has been funded by the Anglo American Chairman’s Fund, the Discovery Fund and Right to Care. If these three major funders agree to continue funding this project, Mosamaria will be able to reach far more people at more clinics with treatment literacy and adherence clubs. Our target is to have 42,000 people in our adherence programme by March 2019. This will slow down the spread of HIV because when one is stable on ART, there is very little risk of transmitting the virus.