Mosamaria's Slogan

“If God is with us, who can be against us”. 

“Ha Modimo a na le rona, ke mang ya tla bang khahlanong le rona”.

New Start

Currently New Start counsel and test more than 4,300 people per month. We take our mobile service to universities, colleges, prisons, community open spaces, shopping centres, and any other place where members of communities feel safe to test...

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Mosamaria works with 450 OVC in 6 different Support Groups in Botshabelo and Mangaung. They are children from 5 -18 years old, who have lost either one or both parents, and children living in extreme poverty...

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The Adherence Club Facilitators work every day at various ART Sites in the Mangaung where they train over 18,000 people per month, in order to improve treatment adherence and prevent treatment defaulting and drug-resistance...

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Patients with DRTB who are not treated spread it to all people with whom they come into contact. Mosamaria employs an experienced and professional nurse, and two home based care givers to treat and care for 20 patients each day...

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